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Review of BeadTool4 - bead pattern software tool Part 1

Are you looking to move on to using software for your bead designs and patterns? Here’s part 1 of a review of BeadTool4. What should you look for when designing your own bead patterns on the computer. I give you an overview. At the time of publication of this video, BeadTool4 was available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Part 2 will show a little more in depth for large designs.

As a little freebie, you can go to my Facebook (, Instagram ( or Twitter page (@LucyPMP) (posted October 2018) and copy the image for the patterns at any time, you can see that I have designed some decorations for Christmas and you can have a go at making them yourself. Make them bigger if you want or chose your own colours or create your own designs.

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