The green man - reborn

Tattoo's for Denver or anywhere else.

So what does a tattoo say about culture. Its run from acceptance to resistance and back to acceptance in recent western cultures. There was a fine exhibition at Musee du Quai Branly in 2015. What you would learn from this is the variety and rationale for tattoos in different cultures. But does it reflect where you live. The most obvious issue is age and consent and even within the US the rules vary. Does it say something about your state? And what are your freedoms.

I was struck by all of this. Here in the UK we have celtic cultural influences and the imagery associated with that. And I was also struck by the health issues and cleanliness of the modern world compared to the old one. All this coalesced in a piece for an exhibition in Denver organised by Juli Morsella. Consisting of original virtual art work, photographic work and painted and printed works this is what emerged.


Tattoo 18 model nude
A monochrome of tattoo and model. The original art work is available.