The green man - reborn

A poem to nothing

A tragi-comic alphabet or what young kids learn from adults using a mobile.

A is for air force - deployed for the fight, 
B is for bombing - best done at night,

C is for collateral - never a concern,
D is for dumb-ass - will we never learn,

E is for ethics - a bankrupt position,
F is for freedom - silence the opposition,

G is for God - whom we think picks a side,
H is for horror - of the ensuing genocide,

I is for I - the singular person,
J is for justice - a one sided version,

K is for knowledge - something spread thin,
L is for liar - yes, you know, him,

M is for mother - the land of the free,
N is for knowledge - but we now charge a fee,

O is for options - the military choices,
P is for peace - the silent voices,

Q is for quarry - the hunted and poor,
R is for radical - the breeding ground for more,

S is for silence - by the ground confined,
T is for torment - of those left behind,

U is for unity - a theoretical condition,
V is for veracity - achieved by rendition,

W is for wanderer - with no place to go
X is for xenophobe - an ensuing status quo,

Y is for youth - to put an end to the fight,
And Z is for zebra - cos the truth's black and white.