The green man - reborn

Just Some Animal Pictures

A Red Stag from the West Country - autumn

The first of three images with some animal shots. You could if you wish zoom in to create a much closer view of the stag. I have those. The space on this makes it idea for copy to be added. But what I liked about this was the colour balance against the background. It made the stag feel 'of the place' as if his colour was a natural part of environment. If only we could harmonise so well with nature...

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A seal from Sea Life Gweek, Cornwall - winter

The second of two images with some animal shots. This is from an animal sanctuary at Gweek in Cornwall. I like the idea that our cute little seals have mighty big teeth and are part of nature and should not be taken lightly. For all the shock value of this image it is actually about the sanctuary teaching the seal to open their mouths for inspection and veterinary purposes. In fact my Mum hand fed this seal some fish and she never gotten bitten!

#seal #commonseal #greyseal #photography #animals #gweeksealsanctuary

A Harris Hawk, Cumbria - winter

The third of three images with some animal shots. Jenny flies Harris Hawks, a pack hunting bird near where I live. This is more of a snapshot of a juvenile bird than 'arty' but as its local I kinda like it! Photos can just be fun

#birdofprey #harrishawk #cumbria #photography #animals