The green man - reborn

Apollo 11 - The Moon Landings - the future and the past

The Long Journey - Apollo 11

At first the meaning of this image is obvious a humorous if possibly slightly chauvinist image. But theres more to it than that. Despite reaching the height of her career our brave commander in the vastness of space carries hers and our insecurities. Theres more to this image than that, but I won’t tell you unless you buy it. I will tell you its created with lime wood, graffiti paint, acrylic, watercolour, Japanese ink, and egg tempera and they all mean something. Celebrating space travel and Apollo 20th July 1969.

#NASA #Space #Moonlandings #Cumbria #Apollo

Yesterdays News - Apollo 11

I imagined a collection of posters that might have been made in anger at our lack of progress. And these are those in watercolour and Japanese pigmented ink Apollo 20th July 1969.

#NASA #Space #Moonlandings #Cumbria #Apollo